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Fundraising with Beantown Raise

If you are looking for your next fundraising activity, consider partnering with Beantown Blankets. When you Beantown Raise, you raise funds to build and strengthen your organization, while providing warmth and shelter to the homeless.

When you partner with us for your next fundraiser, you get to select any of our Beantown Blankets, have your group logo or name embroidered on the blankets, and raise money for your organization with every blanket sold. Each blanket sold also provides an additional blanket to someone in need in the homeless community.

Currently, we have two fundraising options:

  • You collect orders and submit the final count of blankets that we ship to you

  • People place their own orders with a fundraiser code given by you and we ship to them

No matter what option you pick, we donate 20% of the proceeds towards your fundraising cause.

Fill out the below contact form to get in touch with us about setting up your next fundraising opportunity!





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