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Why Companies Prefer Beantown Blankets?

Over the past 3 years, Beantown Blankets has left its mark on the promotional product and corporate gifting industry, working with hundreds of corporate clients across the United States and providing blankets to over 30,000 homeless individuals in 17 states. 
After launching in May of 2016, we quickly realized there were very few, if any, companies that offered customizable and affordable promotional products that also gave back to the community.   
Benefits of Gifting With Beantown Blankets:
  • Ability to donate to a shelter or charity within a companies city/location. This allows for an even deeper connection with the recipient. "Because of our partnership with Beantown Blankets, a duplicate blanket will be donated to ___ Shelter, here in ___." 
  • Unlike the typical corporate gifts (pens, water bottles, and t-shirts), Beantown Blankets are unique! They can be used for several occasions including picnics, sporting events, concerts, pets, and to keep in the car. Blankets have reusability for years and years and high perceived value. 
  • In-house custom embroidery and packaging allows for complete customization and faster turn-around time. 
  • The one-for-one mission of Beantown Blankets helps companies achieve their CSR and philanthropic goals. 
  • For those looking for volunteering opportunities, Beantown Blankets can arrange a time for your team to serve food or donate blankets at a local shelter.  
We would love to hear from you with any questions or suggestions!
Thank you for your time. 
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