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We're Here To Help You Volunteer In Your Community!

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” —Booker T. Washington

Getting involved in your local community is easier than you think! Here are a few ways designed to make it easier for you to volunteer and help others. 

Calling is simple, easy, and efficient. Below is information on some wonderful shelters around the Boston area. A question as simple as, “Hi, I am looking to volunteer in the near future, are there any opportunities to serve food or get involved?”. Shelters are always looking for volunteers and helping hands!


Here are some fantastic options!


Pine Street Inn

Volunteer Office: 617.892.9186

Website: www.pinestreetinn.org/get-involved

Email: volunteer@pinestreetinn.org

Address: Pine Street Inn, 444 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

Volunteer Opportunities Offered: 

Breakfast Service: Help serve breakfast any day of the week. Breakfast servers are needed from 6-7 a.m. at our emergency shelter in Boston's South End.

Fill-In Meal Service: Do you live or work near Pine Street Inn? Are you available in the evenings? Occasionally, we need last-minute help for dinner service and reach out to our fill-in volunteers for extra support.

Driver’s Assistant: Help our team deliver prepared foods to our locations across the city. Volunteers must be able to lift 30-50 pounds. Morning and afternoon shifts are available every day of the week.


Rosie’s Place

Office: 617.442.9322

Website: www.rosiesplace.org/volunteer

Email: Volunteer@rosiesplace.org

Address: 889 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Volunteer Opportunities Offered: 

Teach adult women learning English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

Visit with an isolated woman in the community to share interests and activities.

Prepare and serve meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lead an arts workshop.

Assist guests shopping in our food pantry.


New England Center and Home For Veterans

Volunteer Office: 617.371.1749

Website: https://www.nechv.org/volunteer

Email: community.support@nechv.org

Address: 17 Court Street, Boston MA 02108

Volunteer Opportunities Offered: 

Individual Opportunities: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Meal Service

Assist NECHV kitchen staff by serving breakfast/lunch/dinner any day of the week. This work is performed on-site at 17 Court Street in downtown Boston. 5-7 volunteers are utilized behind the line to serve the meal. Below are the times for each meal:


Fill-In Meal Service:

For those who live or work near the Center’s location in downtown Boston, please consider becoming a fill-in meal server. Occasionally, NECHV needs last-minute help for meal services and/or other projects. When this situation arises, we reach out to fill-in meal service volunteers to build a complete roster so that the kitchen staff is adequately supported.


Lazarus House Ministries

Volunteer Office: 978.269.5217

Website: www.lazarushouse.org/volunteer

Email: volunteers@lazarushouse.org

Address: PO Box 408, Lawrence, MA 01842-0808

Volunteer Opportunities Offered: 

Each day Lazarus House volunteers work side by side with staff to ensure that every guest who comes through our doors is welcomed and served with dignity and respect.

Our volunteers have a profound impact on those they serve. Volunteers not only give of their time and talents but prepare and serve meals, assist with administrative duties, sort food for our food pantry and clothing for our thrift stores, provide electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills and so much more.


If you need assistance locating a shelter in your area, please contact the Beantown Blankets team at info@beantownblankets.org.

We are more than happy to help!


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